“Living over 70 years in a world where nature and beauty are in abundance, my vision to build a luxury spa and hammam was an homage to the places that most inspired me in my travels. Out of the 130+ countries I have visited, I was most awed by traditional practices of healing in Turkey and Morocco – their simplicity and effectiveness.

In the spirit of creating a wellness centre, that not only helps individuals reconnect with themselves in a setting of nature and relaxation – but also makes a statement with the grandeur of the architectural aspects of the structure – Shilp was born.” – Mr. Sudhir R. Mehta, Founder.

Mr. Mehta is a businessman who started from nothing and through hard work and determination, worked his way up to reach the position he is in today. Among a diverse collection of industries he is a part of, his passion lies with the hospitality industry which he has been a part of for over 25 years. With the gruelling pressure and stress that comes with business, he wanted to create a safe space within which people could heal, relax, and reenergise.